My name is Elizabeth Beckner. I started Personal Touch Blood Drawing business after my son, Dashiell, was born with Zellwegers disease. His diagnosis required numerous blood draws and drug levels throughout his life. After sitting through long wait times at the labs followed by watching many different phlebotomists,many new to the job, struggle to find his veins, often poking him multiple times, as a seasoned phlebotomist I decided to draw his blood at home and hand deliver it to the lab myself. Soon after I began Personal Touch Blood Draws so that now I can now offer that same personalized service to you.


I graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in Biology in 1994. I moved to Santa Barbara and earned my phlebotomy certificate in 1995. I began working at St. Francis Medical Center in the Physical Therapy Department and quickly transferred to the Laboratory. Perfecting my venipuncture techniques on all floors of the hospital, including post-operative patients, pregnant women going into labor, sick or premature babies, and emergency room patrons, I then improved my patient care skills working for internal medicine doctors, one of whom was the Medical Director of Hospice and won Doctor of the Year. In 1999, I started working with a group of local retinal surgeons. My primary job consisted of injecting dye into arm veins and photographing its flow through the patients retinal vessels. When patients are worried about their diagnosis or apprehensive about the procedure because of difficult veins, my quick, almost painfree needle stick and kind but professional bed side manner would put them at ease.

The various settings and patients I have encountered over the years have enabled me to become very skilled at finding the smallest and most fragile of vessels. My specialities include infants and the elderly, diabetics of all ages, patients with rolling veins, on blood thinners or chemotherapy. I live in downtown Santa Barbara, travel from Goleta to Carpintera and bring all the necessary supplies directly to you. All I need from you is a lab request and a copy of your insurance card and your home or office becomes an instant draw station. Appointment times are very flexible, and I am reliable and punctual. Be kind to your arm and treat yourself to the luxury blood draw you deserve!!!

California Plebotomy License: CPT01005244


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