Save yourself the time and energy of dealing with waiting rooms by scheduling a private blood draw. As a full service mobile phlebotomist, I will come to your home or office, draw your blood, properly store and personally deliver the samples to your designated lab for processing. Since I work by appointment I am able to schedule draws any day of the week, before and after lab hours, and can perform a "speedy" draw (when requested) in as little as ten minutes, giving you the opportunity to spend the rest of your day the way you want or need. I understand that your time is valuable and there is no need to waste it waiting for lab service. I am extremely reliable, punctual and prompt so that I can give you the "Personal Touch" you deserve.


How important is your comfort or that of your child's? If you are tired of leaving the lab feeling like you've just lost a wrestling match with a porcupine, then please do yourself a favor and give me a call. People are often told they have small, rolling or roaming veins as an excuse for an unskilled technician. Most phlebotomists are not experienced, comfortable or efficient at dealing with the challanges of infants and fragile veins. At Personal Touch Blood Draws, I use my years of experience dealing with the most difficult patients to properly find-by-feel the best vein to use. Then, you receive the personal care, time, proper equipment and techniques necessary, be they tourniquet, hot packs or massage, to make that vein perform like a champion and eliminate the need for multiple sticks. I am so confident in my ability to draw your sample that I offer a 50% discount to any patient I have to stick more than twice! No more pin cushion arms. No more crying babies. At Personal Touch, your comfort is the priority.


Being a medical professional I obviously have no problem being in hospitals and, for a good portion of my life, considered them second homes. When you are very sick or injured there's no better place to help you get well. However, for the healthy, the not-so-sick or the health compromised, hospitals, clinics and waiting rooms can be dangerous places full of disease and infection. Having me come to you is not only convenient but it saves you worry and exposure to germs and illnesses. I sanitize my hands and equipment before and after each patient to ensure your safety. The "Personal Touch" experience is all about you, your health, comfort and convenience.

Kit Draws:

Doctors today have many tools at their disposal including tests for allergies, geonome tests, toxic elements, nutrition and more. These are often specialty tests that come in a kit mailed to you and must be sent out via Fed Ex to specialty labs across the country and the world to perform the diagnostics. These kits draws are often not performed by local labs and must be done via a mobile phlebotomist. I am happy and skilled at doing these specialy blood draws, processing the specimen correctly and shipping the samples to the appropriate labs. These kits include, but are not limited to:

1. Genova Diagnostics
2. True Health Diagnostics
3. Singulex
4. Life Extension
5. GeneDX
6. Boston Heart Diagnostic
7. Pharmasan Labs
8. Metametrix
9. Spectracell
10. RPLab
11. American Metabolic Laboratories
13. U.S. Biotek
14. Doctor's Data
15. MRT
16. Cyrex
17. Atlas Genomics
18. RDL
19. Immuno Laboratories
20. Cleveland Heart LAB
21. ELISA/ACT Biotechnology
22. Vibrant America

...and many more. Do not hesitate to call if your Doctor has recomended any of these tests and you have been turned away by the local labs.


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